Membership and Lending Library Agreement


Members are the heart of Babywearing International. With their help we are able to fulfill our mission of making babywearing a universally accepted practice through education and support. Babywearing International of the Triangle membership benefits include the right to check out carriers from the library at no charge.

While membership is not required to participate in any of our meetings or events, we do encourage individuals to consider joining Babywearing International.  Membership costs $30 a year, two-thirds of which stays with our local group to support education and  outreach in our local community as well as funding exciting new carriers to add to our lending library. The other $10 goes to offset national outreach and education activities as well as administrative expenses such as membership software, insurance to cover our volunteer educators, and legal fees. BWI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations to our group are tax-deductible.

You can join BWI of the Triangle in person at our general monthly meetings, see our schedule under Events. Thank you for supporting BWI of the Triangle!

Membership Agreement

I understand that Babywearing International Volunteer Babywearing Educators and group leaders are volunteers and not professionals.  I affirm that I am not acting in reliance on any advice received from them and that, instead, I am responsible for evaluating the usefulness and safety of any babywearing technique or device that I use with my baby.  I affirm that I will hold Babywearing International and its group leaders and volunteers harmless of and from any claim or cause of action whatsoever arising from any injury to myself or my child related to or caused in any way by babywearing.

I understand that babywearing has many benefits but is not without risk, and that the risks include, but are NOT limited to, FALLS (either while putting the baby into the carrier or while using the carrier), POSITIONAL ASPHYXIA (if baby is held in a position that closes his or her airway), and PHYSICAL STRAIN for the person carrying the baby.  I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure the my baby’s airway is open and unobstructed, and that it is my responsibility not to drop my baby.  I understand that I am responsible for my own well-being and my baby’s while babywearing.

By providing payment for my BWI TRIANGLE membership I am agreeing to the terms of the Membership Agreement and Lending Library Agreement.

Lending Library Agreement

Safety – I understand that neither Babywearing International nor its Volunteer Babywearing Educators can inspect every carrier in the lending library for flaws, and I agree to inspect the stitching and materials of any carrier that I borrow to assure that it is sound. I further agree that neither Babywearing International nor its Volunteer Babywearing Educators can assure that the carriers in the lending library are free from design flaws.

Prior to checking out a carrier, I will allow time for a VBE (Volunteer Babywearing Educator) to demonstrate features of the carrier and safe wearing technique.

Checking Out a Carrier – Lending library carriers are available for checkout by any dues paying member in good standing. All checkouts are done online through the MyTurn library management system following the demonstration at a general meeting.  New carrier checkouts may not be done until any outstanding fees have been paid. Some carriers may not be available for check out when in need of routine or situational maintenance/washing.

Returning a Carrier – I agree that it is my responsibility to return the carrier to the next meeting at the check-out location. Carriers must be returned on their due date within the first 30 mins of the meeting start time (if the meeting starts at 10am it needs to be checked in by 10:30am, etc.). Because meeting dates/places shift, we can’t guarantee it will be exactly one calendar month or the same meeting location.

You are welcome to swap out a carrier prior to your due date at any meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting when your carrier is due, it is your responsibility to return it at least 2 days before the meeting; either at an earlier meeting or by arranging a porch drop via email. Our volunteers live all over the Triangle so there is likely someone within 15 minutes of you! Late fees apply for late carriers.

If you chose to have a third party return it to the leaders, please arrange that. Leaders will not be responsible for third party returns.

Late Fee – Late fees help to ensure that we have carriers returned on schedule so that others may try them on and check them out at meetings. If a carrier is not returned by its due date or not checked in within the first 30 mins of the meeting, you will be fined $10. You will accrue an additional $10 late fine for each additional monthly meeting that it is late. You may not check out another carrier until late fees are paid.

Members that keep carriers out 2 months beyond the original due date will be billed for the replacement cost of the carrier. You must still return the overdue carrier and your membership will be revoked.  We reserve the right to pursue legal means to recoup financially.

Smoke/Odors/Care – I will not expose a carrier to tobacco smoke or tobacco smoke residue. I will not use a carrier where people are smoking or store a carrier in a place where there is tobacco smoke residue. If a carrier must be transported in a car where smoking occurs, I will seal the carrier in a Ziplock-style bag.

Please help us to keep our carriers in excellent condition by avoiding perfume and other strong smells, eating while wearing, pets, incorrect washing etc. Sharp edges (jewelry, purses, finger nails, belt buckles, animal paws, ect) can cause pulled threads, broken threads, and even holes. Some or all of these can cause enough damage to ruin a carrier. If there is damage upon return, the borrower will be liable for the cost of repair and/or replacement of the carrier.

Cleaning – I will return carriers clean and ready for the next person to checkout. If something should happen to dirty the carrier, I will spot clean with warm water and hang to air dry. If more than spot cleaning is needed, I will email for further care instructions. If the carrier has been exposed to sickness I will email for wash instructions or return it in a plastic bag and let a BWI volunteer know to wash it.

Many carriers have very specific washing or drying instructions and incorrectly washing a carrier may ruin it. Carriers cleaned incorrectly (with non-approved detergents/soaps, bleach, non-approved drying methods, etc) may be subject to damage fees. If you are not comfortable washing a dirty carrier please let us know when you return it so we do not lend it out. Carriers that are returned excessively dirty will be charged a $3.00 cleaning fee at the time they are returned.

Damage – I will treat the carriers with respect. If a carrier is lost or incurs major damage during my check-out period, it is my responsibility to reimburse BWI of the Triangle for the cost of a replacement carrier (cost to be determined by retail price including shipping). I also agree it is up to the leader’s sole discretion to determine whether a carrier is damaged. Minor damages (such as lost parts, heavy stains, etc.) may incur a damage fee for repairs necessary. Please never try to repair damage you have done to a carrier

Lending Library Terms and Conditions

By providing payment for my BWI TRIANGLE membership I am agreeing to the terms of the Membership and Lending Library Agreement.

Violation of this agreement may result in termination of my membership privileges without a refund of dues.

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