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Members are the HEART of Triangle Babywearers

Babywearing Learn & Play meetups are a free resource for our community and we invite everyone to learn, share knowledge, make friends, and try out carriers in our lending library.  Membership is optional and at $30/year, you’re not only supporting your favorite nonprofit, it also comes with some awesome member benefits!


Members have exclusive access to our lending library of over 200 carriers for a year. We have five meetups a month where rentals are allowed!  You could (emphasis on could) rent carriers 60 times during the year, for $0.50 each time. If you only rent 12 times, it’s $2.50 each rental. AND what kind of carrier are you going to find for $30 that will last you all year, allow you to exchange it at will, and it changes with the season and your child’s needs? Nope. None. Take a look at our lending library! There are so many options and we’re adding new carriers all the time.

We also occasionally offer special member discounts on carriers and for events, member giveaways, and more!

Your membership fee stays with our local group to support education and outreach in our local community as well as funding exciting new carriers to add to our lending library. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your membership is a donation. THANK YOU for your support! You may be able to deduct membership fees or dues you pay to a qualified organization.

You can join Triangle Babywearers in person at our monthly Babywearing Learn & Play meetups, see our events calendar. If you have questions about membership or babywearing in general, send us an email! Thank you for supporting Triangle Babywearers and our mission to make babywearing a universally accepted practice.

By providing payment for my Triangle Babywearers membership I am agreeing to the terms of the Membership and Lending Library Agreement.  You can pay the membership/trial fee  in advance or pay via cash, check, credit/debit card, or through PayPal at any Babywearing Learn & Play meetup.

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