Our Volunteer Babywearing Educators

Tamara Albrecht – Raleigh

Image-1Though born in Iowa, Tamara calls herself a Raleigh native. (She got here as soon as she could!) She began babywearing when her nephew was born in 2011. Though at first skeptical of the practice (What’s babywearing? Why would anyone need more than one carrier?!) she figured out quickly how wonderful it was to “wear” a baby! When her daughter arrived in 2013 she started attending BWI of the Triangle events regularly and soon decided to volunteer. As an ABE, Tamara loves teaching about her favorite carriers, ring slings. When not chasing her daughter or working on a project for BWI-T she geeks out over fantasy genre novels, Doctor Who, and knitting and crocheting. She’s also a self declared hot tea snob.

Andrea Farris – Cary

image5Andrea is originally from North Carolina and currently lives with her family in Cary. Her days are spent homeschooling her 3 children, running a local homeschooling group, and working part time at Grow, the family boutique. She loves to crochet, sew, and do anything creative; and sells some of her pieces at her Etsy shop Austere Twist. Andrea has worn all of her children but wore her youngest from birth. She discovered her passion for babywearing after the birth of her third child and loves teaching new moms how to make life with a new baby easier through wearing. Her favorite carriers are wraps and SSC’s.

Sarah Gonzales- Raleigh

Summer Lane- Raleigh

Sara Montrose- Cary

Sara MSara lives “way out yonder” in Clayton with her kids Penelope and Parker, husband Jonathan and a few 4-legged friends. Prior to being a SAHM, Sara worked in restaurants and hospitality for 10+ years. She dove into babywearing when her daughter was a month old (back when meetups at Sweetbottoms were a thing!), trying out all carrier types but mainly using SSCs and Meh Dais for outside the home. When her son was born she found the wrapping rabbit hole and never looked back. In the babywearing world, she’s known for her love of Tekhni Wovens, her BST skills, and being handy with a sewing machine. You’ll find that she’s everyone’s biggest cheerleader.

Elizabeth (Ely) Neely- Raleigh

Lauren Piland-Cary

Stephanie Raeman- Cary

Jeanne Serrette- Cary

image4Jeanne lives in Southern Wake County, technically Fuquay-Varina but just barely, with her husband Dave and their six children – three dogs, two cats, and one tiny human named Mattie, Mathilde if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. She started babywearing her niece and became a VBE before she had a baby of her own to wear. In April of 2015, she unintentionally became a self-fashioned “expert” on preemie babywearing when her tiny human made a hasty entrance into the world six weeks ahead of schedule. When not proselytizing the benefits of wearing all the babies, she works as a book wizard for the Erwin Public Library. She originally hails from South Louisiana, and pronouncing her name correctly on first attempt without assistance will earn you one Trader Joe’s one pound chocolate bar.

Sarah Siegel – Chapel Hill

image3Sarah lives in Carrboro with 2 kids, 2 cats, and 1 husband. She started babywearing soon after her son was born in 2011, quickly fell in love with it, and started volunteering with BWI-T soon after. Like many babywearers she started wearing with buckle carriers. She then discovered ring slings and by the time her son was a preschooler she mostly wore him when hiking, on her back in a meh dai. When her daughter was born she found the love for woven wraps. Trying all the carriers and wraps she could became a favorite hobby. Now that she is ready to return to work, she has decided to start a babywearing consulting business called Bluebird Babywearing! The bluebird represents those moments of babywearing when you get it just right and the child feels almost weightless in the carrier, like you could wear them all day.

Alex Sparrow – Raleigh

alexAlex lives in Raleigh, NC with her 4 yr old son and 18 month old daughter. Her family can be found enjoying their love for outdoor things like camping and hiking. As an ABE, she loves learning about and teaching tandem carries. The woven wrap is her go to carrier, especially brands like Vatanai and Kokadi for their long tapered tails, and Shiny Star Designs for its local origins. Alex is one of two educators in our local chapter to have reached ABE level.

Jenifer Swindell- Cary

jenJen lives in southern Wake County with her husband and son. She is a full time Pastor in Holly Springs and loves to work on home improvement projects, do graphic design, and yoga in her spare time. She attended her first BWI event while still pregnant and jumped in quickly as a volunteer. She is passionate about babywearing and how important it was to helping her parent better and is passionate about spreading the word about babywearing. Jen loves ring slings the most and has one with her at all times in case the toddler insists on “uppies!” Jen is known for her warm and welcoming smile and being an excellent listener.

Katherine Troutman- Chapel Hill


Chapter Support Volunteers

Kelly Collins- Cary

Jess Drake-Cary

Kathryn Mercer- Chapel Hill

Pitchayapa (Farrah) Shapiro- Durham

farrah profile picFarrah is a transplant from Thailand. Prior to being a stay at home mom, she was in the clinical research field. She lives in Durham with her husband, her fur-born Chow Shepard mix and first born son. She started wearing her son the first month in a SSC but as soon as the NC summer hit, she discovered ring slings through BWI-Triangle. She then became fascinated by all the different types of carriers and ways to wear babies and toddlers! In addition to her love of babywearing, Farrah enjoys cooking, craft beer, and privately singing off key to her son and dog.

Liz Talbot- Raleigh


Chapter Ambassadors

Alyssa Botros- Chapel Hill

Erin Crook- Durham


Andrea Davis

Kate Hayes- Cary

Ko Mitchell-Cary

Katie Johnson Parker- Raleigh

Sonya Sonnenberg- Durham

image2Originally from Phoenix, Sonya now lives in Durham with her husband and 2 awesome sons, Felix and Hugo! Sonya is coming up on her one year anniversary as a volunteer! Her volunteer story involves her friend and neighbor (a volunteer at the time) recruiting her help for our old night-time Durham Learn & Play. I know her for her hospitality in opening her home for training sessions and for her voice online, helping other caregivers in our group and others. She has a soft spot for and owns a lovely collection of woven wraps but can also be found wearing her Beco (with sloths?). She has the sweetest mom, loves the outdoors and is wicked smart.

Erica Young- Chapel Hill



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