Need to pay a Fee?

Fees are outlined in the Membeship and Lending Library Agreement. They keep our lending library in working order.

Late fees help to ensure that we have carriers returned on schedule so that others may try them on and check them out at Babywearing Learn & Play meetups. If a carrier is not returned by its due date or not checked in within the first 30 mins of the event, you will receive a $10 late fee. You will accrue an additional $10 late fee for each additional monthly event that it is late. You may not check out another carrier until late fees are paid. We send invoices via PayPal to your email but you can also pay via PayPal below or bring the exact cash amount or a check to your next meetup.

Members that keep carriers out 2 months beyond the original due date will be billed for the replacement cost of the carrier. You must still return the overdue carrier and your membership will be revoked. We reserve the right to pursue legal means to recoup financially. See replacement cost below.

Cleaning fees– Carriers that are returned excessively dirty will be charged a $3.00 cleaning fee at the time they are returned. You can pay via PayPal below or bring the exact cash amount or a check to your next meetup.

Damage fees– If a carrier is lost or incurs major damage during my check-out period, it is my responsibility to reimburse Triangle Babywearers for the replacement cost of the carrier (cost to be determined by retail price including shipping). I also agree it is up to the leader’s sole discretion to determine whether a carrier is damaged. Minor damages (such as lost parts, heavy stains, etc.) may incur a damage fee for repairs necessary. Please never try to repair damage you have done to a carrier without consulting a leader. The fees for damage and replacement will be invoiced via PayPal to your email based and the amount would be dependent on the carrier/damage type.

Fee type: