Why we need YOU

A Call For Volunteers

  • 5 Babywearing Learn & Play meetups per month
  • 240+ carriers in the libraries
  • 80+ members (and many more event attendees!)
  • 1 Triangle Babywearers

Run 100% by volunteers. And we need you!

Triangle Babywearers serves the babywearing community covering a wide geographic area; we have scheduled meetups in Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Garner and Raleigh. We are looking for some more help in order to maintain our current schedule of five Babywearing Learn & Play meetups each month. The meetups were set up in response to the community’s request to have multiple locations available, and we think it is important to offer this, but it’s going to take some extra hands! Are yours available?

Here are the two most common questions we hear from people considering volunteering:

I can only commit to one event a month. Is that enough to be useful?

YES! Our goal is to have enough volunteers that each person can pick a “home” Babywearing Learn & Play meetup location near them and focus on attending that event each month (of course you’re welcome at all of them, but we are not obligating anyone to volunteer beyond their desire or capability, or to drive an hour each way for a meetup!). And even if you can’t make it to regular meetups, we have outreach events and lots of behind-the-scenes and online projects!

I’m not really interested or don’t have time to become a Volunteer Educator. Can I still help?

YES! Yes yes yes! I mean, we do need volunteer educators, but there are many other options as well.

  • Do you like meeting new people? We need you to greet caregivers who attend the events!
  • Are you organized and good at relaying specific information? We need you to check library carriers in and out!
  • Are you great at entertaining kids? We need you to keep an eye on the kids at the events while the educators (aka those kids’ parents) work with caregivers one-on-one.
  • Do you have ideas on ways to introduce babywearing to more caregivers in the area? We need your help with Outreach!
  • Are you passionate about keeping our membership fees low and our libraries well stocked? Good at motivating fellow members to rally for a cause? We need your help with Fundraising!
  • Are you savvy with social media? Good at writing? Love graphic design? We have a spot for you on our team!

Here’s the point:

Whatever your talent, we can find a great use for it if you would like to help. If you’re an experienced babywearer or you are just great at teaching, and you’re interested in learning Triangle Babywearers’ teaching stances, we can help you become a educator. Maybe you’re not interested in becoming an educator or you’re just starting out with babywearing, but you’re a whiz at all things administrative. Great! We need you!

When our volunteer numbers drop we have to evaluate whether or not we have the resources to meet the needs of all of our event locations. Please consider joining us as a volunteer so that we can keep all of our event locations fully staffed and functioning to serve our local caregivers.

You can learn more about becoming a volunteer here. If you have any interest in volunteering, please complete our volunteer interest form, send an email to volunteers@trianglebw.org, or talk to a volunteer at an upcoming event. We would love to get to know you better and see how we can all combine our strengths to support Triangle Babywearers as the local babywearing community continues to grow!