Black Caregivers Do Babywear

First, I’m white.

And Babywearing International of the Triangle’s membership is heavily dominated with white women. As is babywearing in America.  You probably already know that.

The purpose of this post isn’t to talk about why that is. Read Decolonizing Babywearing and Race and the Babywearing Community to get started on that topic.

This post is a list of links to videos, blogs, Facebook pages from black babywearing educators and representatives. And a list of black owned babywearing businesses and weavers.

Because Representation matters! Because it’s important to acknowledge the need for more multicultural voices and spaces in the babywearing community and in our own group, BWI-Triangle.  In honor of Black History Month, I’m updating our website and our Facebook group to do better at including these voices and representing a more diverse community.  Because black caregivers do babywear.

So here’s a list of amazing resources that probably don’t hit the top of your Google search- but should because they’re freaking awesome! May you use them, may you share them, may you feel inspired by them.

Do you have a favorite video from a black babywearing educator, carrier from a black owned business, or your own pictures you’d like for us to include on our site? Email them to We look forward to hearing from you!

Public Figures

Communities and Groups

Businesses and Non-Profits

YouTube Demos

This list is also available in a Google Doc!

This video by Perla “Judy” Robertson, on her YouTube channel Denim Bei Dai, gives basic newborn positioning information and shows how to do both legs in and out with a ring sling, a meh dai and a woven wrap.

Huge THANKS to Britt Brown Marsh Blog, The Babywearing Dad, Ndibambe and Perla Robertson for allowing us to feature these images/video.