Some exciting changes coming for BWI-Triangle!

We will be transitioning to lending libraries that are dedicated to the location you visit.  Chapel Hill Library, North Regional Library, and Sweetbottom Baby Boutique meetings will each have a third of the existing carriers, which we have divided equally.  We have bought some carriers to fill in some holes, like size 2 wraps, and mei tais.

What this will mean for you is that you will have to decide which meeting is your “home meeting”, which is the meeting space you generally attend the most.  You are welcome to attend any meeting; even all of the meetings.

Late fees previously were charged per meeting missed, so if you checked out at CHL and a month later missed that meeting, then turned it in the next CHL meeting, you would be charged $5 per meeting missed, which would quickly rack up with each meeting, regardless of the location.  With us moving to LLs tethered to locations, it means that you will only be charged a late fee if you don’t turn it in at that meeting.  However, the late fee will be increased to $10 starting in September.

We think that this will make things less confusing and since we are a large group, it makes it easier for VBEs and helpers because we won’t have to escort the LL around the triangle.  To be sure that everyone gets variety, the 3 LLs will be rotated between locations periodically.

Another thing we are implementing to make things easier for our volunteers is we are beginning to use membership cards.  When someone joins the group, they should receive a membership card at their first meeting, which will have spaces for their name, the renewal date, home meeting location, and the VBE initials who fills out the card.  Since we have grown, it’s become more difficult to remember everyone and we think this will also help people remember when they need to renew their membership.  We recommend you take a picture of the card in case you lose it.  If you lose the card and don’t have the image (which you can use for checkouts), there will be a fee for card replacement.

Membership cards

Membership cards

SO, look for our new changes and new carriers!  We have so many joining the LL in the next month or so!