First Technique Tips post–Winter Babywearing

There have been so many great winter babywearing posts so rather than reinvent the wheel, I am presenting some of the best here.  I’ll also be posting my favorite pictures showing these ideas towards the end.

Wrap Your Baby

How do you babywear in cold weather?  As it turns out, there are many options.

  • Babywearing outerwear specifically designed for accommodating the two of you and the babycarrier.  Babywearing outwear comes in the form of coats, jackets, vests and ponchos.  Some are for cooler weather than others.  Some are water resistant.  Some are made from natural and some from synthetic materials.
  • Babywearing covers that cover the baby and baby carrier for warmth, but do not cover the babywearer (who would wear their own coat).
  • Larger winter coats for the babywearer to wear that are big enough to close around baby as well, so that both are inside the same coat.  Mens coats, swing coats and A line coats are all good options, buttoned up just as far as baby’s neck.  As baby and wearer would be sharing the same head hole, it may be necessary to wear a scarf or shawl to cover your neck and chest between the two of you.
  • Traditional shawl, poncho, or pashmina can be wrapped around both of you.  Wool is an excellent material for warmth, water resistance, and breathability.
  • Bundling baby within the carrier, and wearing your own coat on top.

Some people do their bundling (mother and baby in winter gear) and then put the babycarrier on top of all the coats.  I am not a fan of this method as coats can be slippery and unsafe to babywear over, and the bulk makes it difficult to get a comfortably tight carry.  It also eliminates the babywearing benefit of having baby close enough to hear your heartbeat, smell you, etc.  Also, your warmth is the best way to keep your baby warm so I like to avoid layers between you.

BWI of DC-MD-VA talks about winter babywearing

The past few meetings, we’ve had a few questions about winter babywearing. One of the biggest questions is how to get baby in/out of the car when following the recommendation against wearing heavy coats. If you don’t know why they shouldn’t wear heavy coats/snowsuits in the carseat, read about it here. So, in this video, I give some examples of the kinds of clothes I dressed my newborn and now older baby in to keep her warm when going to/from the car. I often hear, “how do I wrap in the winter?” I show how to pre-wrap before leaving the house. Then your coat goes on over the whole thing and you can pop baby in and out.

BWI of DC-MD-VA gives some DIY instructions for a babywearing coat

Yes, you could spend the money on a dedicated babywearing coat, but you could just as easily convert a coat to accommodate both you and your little precious bundle.  Here is a fabulous tutorial that I used that was easy to follow even with my novice sewing skills.  These instructions were translated from German and used with permission from Nancy, with slight editing.

BWI of DC-MD-VA presents newborn winter wearing

One thing to consider when wearing a newborn is what type of carrier will be a good choice?  Many of the best choices for newborns in general are also great for newborns in winter.  A ring sling, stretchy or woven wrap can be a great choice because they are easy to put on under your coat before leaving the house.

I have had 3 winter newborns.  I didn’t wear all of them, but I did get a chance to try out a variety of ways for keeping newborns comfortable in the winter.  None of the carseat/stroller cover/blanket combinations that I tried made me feel as confident that my baby was comfortable as babywearing did.

10 Tips for Babywearing in the Winter

Winter is a perfect time to babywear, keeping your child close to you while you both stay cozy and share the same view of the world. Nothing is sweeter than being able to plant a kiss on a little head, or hand a snack over your shoulder, while walking around.

There can be a few things to remember; from staying comfortably warm, to those annoying zippers, and wearing just enough while still being able to buckle or loop your carrier.

5 Easy Tips for Babywearing in Winter

I love babywearing!

It’s a beautiful thing when you can combine snuggling close to your baby with being hands free and getting things accomplished! Wearing your baby is great for around the house and for enjoying the outdoors.

Now that the temps are starting to drop you might be feeling discouraged from wearing your baby out in the cold winter weather but don’t let that stop you! Below you’ll find my five tips for babywearing in the winter to keep you and baby toasty warm while participating in all of the winter wonderland fun.

The Stay at Home Feminist

With chillier weather on the way, the most common babywearing question I get is, “How do I continue to wear my baby in the winter months and keep us both warm and toasty?”

The wonderful news is that with babywearing becoming more and more a part of every family’s parenting arsenal, babywearing manufacturers are picking up on the fact that there is a need for products that work in all kinds of weather.


One of our local dads


One of our local dads


So many options!

So many options!