First Carry of the Month in 2014–January is Christina’s Ruckless Back Carry

Christina's Ruckless

Christina’s Ruckless with a Kokadi Ela im Wunderland woven wrap

Christina’s Ruckless Back Carry (CRBC) has 3 passes across the child, and the chest belt spreads the straps more comfortably than ruck straps. I have picky shoulders and can never do a simple ruck strap carry so this combines the things I love about a double hammock (with a chest belt) and adds cross passes that anchor their legs. Since there’s a pass across the wearer’s chest, it’s a very comfortable carry for larger chested women as well.

Its origins are on a thread here with picture tutorial.

Christina's photo tutorial for her carry

Christina’s photo tutorial for her carry with a size 5 Didymos Nino

Our CotM playlist for January

Babywearing Faith does a wonderful job explaining the carry using a 4.2m (size 5) sized woven wrap.  Usually this carry can be accomplished with a size 5 or 6 but size of the child and wrapper, along with the thickness of the wrap could could mean you have to size up or down.

Additional wonderful Christina’s Ruckless videos:

Wrapping Rachel uses a 4.5m wrap (short 6/long 5):

WrapYourBaby uses a 4.7m wap (size 6)


Beginning in February 2014, the CotM series will become “Technique Tips” and we will focus on one technique each month.  Look for the first Technique Tips at the end of the month.