October Carry of the Month explores shorty wraps

Usually people consider size 2 (2.7m) or less a “shorty”.

This month’s Carry of the Month explores these short wraps.  Since we’re all different sizes, I expanded the range up to size 3.  I can do a ruck tied under bum (RUB) with a 3 with my 35lb ~3YO but if I was wrapping a newborn, I would have enough length to tie in front.  While the above chart gives you a general idea of what sizes can do what, the size of wrap factors in with wearee and wearer sizes to determine the type of carry possible.

If you tie under bum, you can often shorten the size wrap needed by at least a size. Likewise, using sling rings between two passes (like the torso pass in DH) also can shorten the amount of wrap needed.

By no means is this a comprehensive list.  🙂

Watch all selected videos in a playlist here.


Front/Hip Carries

Robin’s Hip Carry

No-sew ring sling

Rebozo (can also be done on back)

Kangaroo tied under bum

Short Cross Carry (SCC)

Simple Hip Carry

Poppin’s Hip Carry


Back Carries


There are many variations (some may need a longer wrap):

  • Ruck tied under bum (RUB)
  • Ruck tied in front (TIF)
  • Reinforced Ruck- spreading the passes after the first pass
  • Ruck with chest belt finish (TT, TAS, etc.)

Torso carry

Short Back Cross Carry (SBCC)

RRRR- Reinforced Rear Rebozo Ruck

Shephard’s Carry

Double Hammock Rebozo

Double Hammock with ring slings (one or two)