Starting out with a ring sling

I’ve had a lot of requests for this video playlist recently so I thought I would reblog it here.  It can be seen on my personal blog as well.

Starting out with a ring sling.

via Starting out with a ring sling.

Hello to all the mothers- and fathers-to-be out there or the caregiver who would like to have a hands-free carrying option!  My sister in law is pregnant (she’s since had her son) and I remember all too well how sometimes newborns just want to be against you 24-7.

Since sitting on a couch, holding your infant is not completely realistic for most people, babywearing can really be a great tool for new mothers and mothers with toddlers to chase around.

I thought it would be useful to have a comprehensive how-to all in one place for people who can’t make it to a Babywearing International meeting for hands-on help. [if you are looking for a local chapter, the list by state is here]

I made a playlist for new users and hopefully this will be useful for my SIL as well as others.