Introducing our new wait list feature and specifics on the Chrysalis Designs mei tai

WAIT LIST opening for our new Chrysalis Designs mei tai. There’s been a ton of interest in this so here’s the plan.

–Please review our new lending library policies on our web site

–The wait list will open on Wednesday Feb. 27 at 8 pm. Requests to be added before that time will not be included. Requests will only be accepted by email (see the policies).

–The MT will first be available for check out at our meeting this Saturday March 2 at WBWC (meeting is 10-12). Remember you must be present to pick up and you can’t check out until the end of the meeting!

–This is a standard size MT. Kristin has some good pictures on fit on her facebook page:

–Sorry this sounds so bossy and official!! Just know many of you have expressed interest and I think this will be the most fair way to do it 🙂

–Don’t forget the MT will be at at least one meeting per month as well for folks to try on 🙂