Accepting carrier donations-give us your old carriers and get a tax deduction!

Hey everybody! So at the meeting this weekend several people asked about donating their old carriers (Moby, Bjorn, Pouches, Etc.) to the group and while we definitely have enough of those types in terms of the actual lending library, we realized we could use this opportunity to continue to raise funds to buy new carriers!

So as an ongoing fundraiser: Donate your old carrier to us, get a tax deduction for it (because we’re a nonprofit) and we will sell it and use the proceeds to buy you cool, new carriers to try out!

Bring them on!! Also, if anyone has one of the recalled infantino slingrider “bag” slings…those can be traded in with Infantino for a mei tai. We’d love to have the mei tai and will be glad to do the sending in if you stumble across one of those.